Scrunch Bikinis

So you’re here probably trying to find where to get that cute scrunch bikini you’ve been seeing all over the beaches this summer. Look no further, TeenyB Bikini Couture has by far the largest selection I’ve been able to find, and to be quite honest they look and fit better than any other brand I’ve tried. The great thing about scrunch bikinis is the puckered detailing in back helps give the appearance of a fuller and more rounded butt. They’re also known to have a sexier look by showing off a bit more cheek than your regular bikini bottom, and they come in various cuts and styles ranging from thongs to full coverage. Here are a few different examples of TeenyB’s scrunch styles that are sure to grab your attention.

Whailtail Thong
The scrunch thong. Minimal coverage. Perfect for minimizing tan lines.

Brazilian Half Pucker Bikini
The Brazilian half scrunch. Offering a bit more coverage than a thong.

Half Pucker Bikini
The half scrunch bikini, a bit less cheek coverage than the Brazilian half scrunch.

Shortie Bikini
The scrunch boy short. A playful spin on a classic.

Brazilian Full Pucker Bikini
The Brazilian full scrunch. Brazilian cut with flattering scrunch detail.

Pucker Bikini
Full scrunch bikini. Same great coverage of full cut bikini bottom with scrunch back.

As you can see from the scrunch bikinis above, TeenyB has a wide range of scrunch styles and in a variety of beautiful colors. This is just a sampling of what they offer. If you want to see more, Visit TeenyB Bikini Couture.

Sexy Scrunchie Butt Bikini’s

sexy butt in a pucker back bikiniHave you ever had a problem finding a bikini bottom that fits and makes your butt look nice? I’ve always had this problem until this year!

There’s a new style of bikini called a scrunchie butt bikinis. The scrunchie butt bikini has a piece of elastic down the center of the bikini bottom’s back which creates a pucker affect. What this does is makes your butt look nice, round and full!

No more saggy butt bikini bottoms for me! Not only does the scrunchie butt bikini make my ass look great, it’s also very comfortable to wear! The picture on the left illustrates what a scrunchie butt bikini bottom looks like!